Double L Digital

A strategy, research, and management consultancy

Our diverse clients include publicly traded companies, non-profits, research funders, and startups in scholarly communications, technology, and information science.

Phill Jones PhD, Principal consultant and founder

A former multi-disciplinary research scientist, Phill's research interests ranged from Plasma Physics to Neuroscience. Since then, he has performed a number of consulting, technology, senior management, outreach, and product roles. He's worked at JoVE, Digital Science, and most recently as CTO at Emerald Publishing.

Phill is a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing annual conference committee and funder task force. He's on the advisory board of the Researcher to Reader conference, and is a member of the Learned Publishing Editorial Board. He's a frequent public speaker and writer, including as a regular contributor to the Scholarly Kitchen Blog.

For more information, check out his LinkedIn and ORCID profiles.

Sample engagements

Building a metadata strategy for a library discovery system

  • A global software and information management company was developing a next generation web scale discovery service.
  • Double L Digital was approached to assist in developing a strategy to populate a knowledge graph.
  • We applied a combination of domain knowledge, competitive intelligence research, data gathering from publicly available sources, quantitative analysis and data visualization.
  • The final deliverable was a comprehensive, data driven strategy that outlined the most effective course of action to acquire a world-class metadata knowledge base on which to build a transformative discovery solution.
  • We used a combination of competitive intelligence and quantitative data analysis to deliver a plan for a world-class knowledgebase.

Go-to-market strategy for an innovative startup company

  • A technology startup had an early stage product to help scholarly publishers measure workflow efficiency.
  • By drawing on an extensive industry network, we solicited market feedback and developed target customer profiles.
  • We led re-branding efforts and supported the creation of new marketing materials and messaging.
  • Bringing it all together, we connected the company with a number of potential new business partners and clients.
  • We created customer personas, led a rebranding excercise, and established business development opportunities.

Supporting open science infrastructure for funders and research organizations

  • A consortium of research organizations was developing a tool to track open research outputs to provide evidence and enable incentives for evaluation and assessment.
  • In close collaboration with the project task force and in partnership with another consultancy, we used a combination of semi-structured interviews with stakeholders and an in-person workshop.
  • We applied qualitative analysis of interview transcripts and workshop outputs to develop an overview of stakeholder needs and opportunities for the project.
  • The project outputs included an ongoing plan of action and succession plan to ensure that the project continued to advance beyond the lifecycle of the task force.
  • In collaboration with a partner consultancy, we conducted interviews with stakeholders, led a workshop, and developed a plan of action to bring the project to fruition.